Many of you will know that a collection of STC archives gathered together initially by the company professional archivist at the time of the centenary has for some time been stored in Harlow.

After a somewhat uncertain start Nortel, to their great credit, in 1994 prompted examination of the archive with a view to making it available for research purposes and a team of STL QCC members was put together to fully catalogue the items and do some basic research and restoration. The collection has been referred to on a regular basis and has supported two or three notable research projects.

With the contraction and eventual closure of the Harlow sites it was necessary to disperse the collection to appropriate homes. Notably these have been:

Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire. - tel: 01908 640404

Contact David White: The Creed and Company collection of telegraph machines and company documentation.

Contact John Pether: A large collection of telephone instruments and small exchange equipment.

The IET Archive, Savoy Place, London WC2. - tel: 020 7240 1871

Contacts Asha Marvin or Sarah Hale: The historically important STC New Southgate photograph collection; alarge number of company staff and technical journals other documentation and some cine films.

The Museum of Technology, Hemel Hempstead. - (shortly to move to Lincolnshire)

Contact Rosemary Hourihane: Early Canadian Brandes and Kolster-Brandes radios, Standard valves and related documentation.
A collection of Western Electric and STC microphones.
A collection of early STC transistors, semiconductor items and quartz crystals.

Other collections.



Technical books from the STC Archive and Nortel Library and other collections of optical fibre items, Alec Reeves memorabilia and items and photographs relating to the STL “Labs” in London Road, Harlow are held separately and may be available for study.

For further information please email Vi Maile or Brian Prosser at