Display Presentations

Presentations on show at the 2015 reunion were on the theme of “Liquid Crystal Displays”


The themes for the numerous displays were:-

What are Liquid Crystals?

STL What are Liquid Crystals?

The ABC of the STL LCD team over the years

The STL Display Group Principal Activities

The STL LCD Milestones

Mainstream Flat Panel LC Display Developments

Liquid Crystal Over Silicon (LCOS Devices)

LCOS Projectors

LCOS Fibre-to-Fibre Switching Devices

Smectic A at STL/STC

Smart Windows

This link takes you to web pages of the displays used at the dinner. (first 5 pages only, at present)


Final Comment

LIQUID CRYSTAL work originating at STL is now important in: displays, optical switching, real time holography and solar control.
Structured materials based on liquid crystals (mesoscopic phases) are now being used to improve performance in such areas as: OLED (organic light emitting diode) display and barrier dielectrics and phase and amplitude modulators in microscopy for aperture control and sub-wavelength tomography...
...quite apart from being fundamental to all living systems
Terry Clapp

This link takes you to the full displays used at the dinner. (PDF Format)

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The displays on show were in fact summaries of numerous individual contributors

The full contributions (in pdf format) may be accessed via the following links:-

Cable materials



CRG (Controlled Release Glass)



Silver Boat

Single Crystals

SME (Silicon Micro-Engineering)

Thick Film

STL Management