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Company related links

Nortel Networks UK Pension Site

Watson Wyatt Limited - Administrators of the Nortel UK Pension Fund

STC New Southgate Site

TXE Engineering Society

Creed Veterans Society - Set up in April 2008 to replace the Creed QCC

STC Monkstown

Technical related links

Light Straw domain - a miscellany of old technology

Telecommunications Heritage Group UK - lots of items related to telephones and telephone systems

Bletchley Park - The official site of the National Codes Centre

Bletchley Park Bombe - John Harper's site on the rebuild of the Turing Bombe - NO LONGER ACTIVE - contains many of the company archives - (shortly to move to Lincolnshire) - contains many samples of early STC components e.g. valves, semiconductors, microphones

Optical Fibre History at STL, - An excellent site created by Richard Epworth

Several members of the STL QCC are actively involved in the Bishop's Stortford branch of Cafe Scientifique.

Science Alive - Science Alive is a Harlow based organisation whose aim is to bring the excitement of science and technology to all, regardless of age or ability.

Hertfordshire Engineering Luncheon Club - The Club for Professional Engineers, and Scientists whose careers have involved engineering. Meet regularly on the 3rd Thursday of the month for lunch and interesting talks.

Members personal links - (Life beyond Nortel)

Debbie Dye Debbie worked as a photographer for STL and continues to work in that field. Quite a few of her excellent images taken at the STL Labs can be found on her website on the 'Commercial & Industrial' page.
Andrew Macpherson At STL Andrew worked on e-mail, network integration, DNS rollout and IT security, and worked on projects through the ex ICL parts of the company in Manchester and Brussels, and more directly on the Energis Team. He represented the company in the European Forum for Open Systems. He has a blog for photography and a blog for email and web hosting
Keith Edwards Keith left Nortel in June 2009 having started at STC Paignton in 1983.
He now runs Spectrum Insight Ltd. a technology consultancy specialising in wireless technology and associated intellectual property.
Andrew Tomlins Andrew started at STC Basildon in 1980 in the Transmission Products development team and moved to the STL site in 1993/94 working on the development of SDH and ATM products until 2002.
Andrew is involved with Harlow Conservation Volunteers and runs their website
Fred Howett Fred started work in the Radio Division at New Southgate in 1964 and clocked up 36 years service in the fields of radio and telephony before taking early retirement in 2001. He has been an active artist for many years and some of you may remember seeing some of his paintings on the walls of the Harlow site. Since retiring he joined the Barnet Guild of Artists and is now their Treasurer and runs their website. While workingat New Southgate in the eighties he learned to play guitar and played in a group of engineers, rehearsing in the rifle range, and sometimes playing in the Sports & Social Club. Amazingly the group is still playing and Fred still runs their website RichT and The Biscuits
Richard Epworth Richard has a large selection of STL related photographs on the flickr website. He also runs websites devoted to Optical Fibre History at STL, and HumanBottleneck about the limited bit-rate of human learning and his associated book on the subject.

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