Listserver Rules

The following 'rules' should be followed where possible in order to provide a safe efficient service to all those subscribing to the list.

  1. Emails shoud be sent using plain text whenever possible. Avoid using html, rtf, uuencode and other formats. This ensures messages can be opened and read by all types of email software.
  2. Please do not send emails with attachments. Large attachments such as documents and pictures can take a long time to download for users with dial up modem access, and can be a possible source of virus transmission. Potential attachments which may be of interest to STLQCC subscribers should be sent to the webmaster of the STLQCC website. Accepted items will be placed on the website and people notified by email via the listserver.
  3. Before posting emails to the listserver, take a few moments to delete unnecessary information from your email - particularly if you are forwarding a received email as much of the header/footer information is irrelevant and should be removed.
  4. Be careful when replying to emails received via the listserver. If you use the "reply" button in your email tool, be aware that your reply will be sent to everybody on the list not just to the originator of the message.


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