STL Facilities

The Facilities team at London Road were responsible for creating and maintaining a working environment where world-leading R&D could take place.
As times changed, so did the imperatives that formed the backdrop to their work and the challenges that they faced as a consequence.
From the austerity of the ‘three-day week’ period in 1974, with staff always needing to be on site to monitor the generators’ load, through the huge pressure to control cost in the 80’s, onto a greater focus on outputs and the need for a quality employee environment in the Nortel years the team had to be flexible and multi-faceted to be able tackle tasks as diverse as new building design and construction, specialist site maintenance, health and safety, janitorial and catering.
Hopefully this display will evoke fond memories of STL and the Harlow Labs and perhaps fill in some gaps in your knowledge of the place.

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