in 1959 STL moved from Progress Way, Enfield to Harlow.

30 Years in Harlow – As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the move to Harlow and the 10th anniversary of Nortel’s demise, it’s interesting (and slightly sad) to read an account written in altogether brighter times.

STL – Enfield and Harlow – memories by Colin Marr – A nice piece from a young engineer making the move.

Future Present – The opening sequence of a promo film heavily featuring the work of STL.

A brief history of STL – Written by Vi Maile.

A few pictures of the Enfield and Harlow site through the ages.

Photos of people in the Enfield and Harlow labs.

Unveiling of two Plaques to Charles Kao in Harlow town center – 2009 and 2012.

STL-Open-Day-1967– The leaflet produced for the lab open days 9th – 16th June ’67

A brief history of the QCC

A personal history of the ASC – Vi Maile’s recollections in 1996 to mark the 50th anniversary of the STL ASC.