In a break with tradition, the presentations on show at the 2016 reunion were on the theme of “Life After The Labs”

This theme was chosen to give an insight into the range and diversity of members activities, both technical and non-technical, since leaving the Harlow Labs.

Many thanks are due to Peter Graves and Chris Greenhill for all their work collating, editing, and producing all the posters.

The themes for the numerous displays were:-

Fine Art – Irene Robson

Treetop Mallets – Jeff Farrington

Ceramics – Ian Vance

Amateur Silversmith – Peter Graves

An Eco House – David Learmonth

Pottery – John Masterton

Watercolour painting – Fred Howett

Acoustic Luthier – Peter Graves

Bottleneck‘ a book on human interface with reality – Richard Epworth

Life After The Labs‘ – Peter Selway and Alan Hartley-Smith

Life After The Labs‘ – David Scott

Optical Fibre Communications – 50 years on since the publication of the seminal paper

STEM in schools: education for young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Clicking on the above links takes you to the poster displays shown at the reunion.

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